About us

We help generating opportunities

Rainmaker is a business development and consultancy organisation designed to build bridges between business organisations in Northern Europe and the Middle East. Rainmaker was established in the Faroe Islands in 2007. Since then it has grown to a group of companies and offices in several European countries and in China.

The purpose of Rainmaker is to generate opportunities for individuals and companies and stimulate local value creation. Guiding values are quality, reliability and trust. Long lasting and personal partnerships form the basis for cooperation.

Rainmaker NOR is the Norwegian branch located in Stavanger in Norway. Rainmaker NOR has experience and extensive networks within the oil and gas industry, the renewable industry, the water and sewage industry as well as many other industries.

The mission of Rainmaker NOR is to assist in building sustainable ventures and stimulate effective collaboration between individuals and companies in Norway and in the Middle East. It works both ways – for Norwegian companies seeking opportunities in the Middle East and for Middle Eastern companies seeking opportunities in Norway.